WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Wulf Recon 4G Dual Cartridge Battery Display 9CT

Wulf Recon 4G Dual Cartridge Battery Display 9CT

Wulf Recon 4G Dual Cartridge Battery Display 9CT

I T   T A K E S   T W O   C A R T S   T O   T A N G O .

Let your customers become their very own flavor creator connoisseurs by stocking up on the Wulf Mods Recon 4G Dual Cartridge Vaporizer 9pk! Introduce them to the Recon 4G’s mind blowing ability to rip two 2 gram cartridges… at the same time! The Recon 4G does not play around when it comes to giving customers a brand new experience that hits hard and is just plain fun to use.

Featuring a revolutionary toggle system, the Recon 4G allows your customers to hit either one of both of the cartridges, with the simple flick of a switch. Not only does this allow for more potent hits, it lets your customers become their own cloud chefs, with an endless amount of combinations between brands, flavors, and other variants to be the ultimate customizable cartridge experience. As an added bonus the Recon 4G is a concealed cartridge carrier and fully covers both cartridges to provide a discrete handheld option for customers on the go.

Underneath the hood the Recon 4G comes correct, with a 650mAh battery, 5 preset voltage settings (1.8, 2.4, 3.0, 3.6, and 4.2v), and 10 second preheat functionality. Additionally the Recon has an absolutely amazing OLED screen that largely displays customers' battery level, puff counter, voltage setting, and more! Designed to fit well in the hand and with ergonomic textures in order to make sure customers always have a good grip during their sessions.

The Recon 4G is now available in 9 different colors with some stellar options including a pink-black spatter, purple-black spatter, and a shiny full color. Stock up now to reap the benefits of offering the most fun double barrel vaporizer around and start selling Wulf Recon 4G Dual Cartridge Vaporizers!

Sold only as a 9 count display box.

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