WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Wulf LX Slim Vaporizer

Wulf LX Slim Vaporizer

Wulf LX Slim Vaporizer

V A P I N G   M A D E   C H I C .

Enhance the flavor of your preferred herb strain with the Wulf Mods LX Slim! This dry herb vaporizer boasts four temperature options (360°F, 390°F, 410°F, and 440°F), an integrated airflow tunnel, and a user-friendly LED light display. Its compact design is just 4 inches tall, perfect for on-the-go use. The LX Slim incorporates a mesh screen to filter herbs and a convenient mouthpiece for consistent draws. It's powered by a 900mAh battery and includes a Type-C cable for rapid charging convenience—start your sessions now!

4 Temperature Settings

900mAh Battery

Airflow Tunnel

LED Indicator

Compact 4" Tall

Type-C Charging

HOW TO PREPARE - To prepare for your sessions, simply grind your herbs. For the best results, pulverize the herbs to the consistency of crushed pepper for the smoothest puffs. Then, loosely fill the chamber and gently pack it down. Make sure not to pack the chamber too tight—this allows for even heat distribution and room to stir. After use, allow the device to cool down and ensure to stir the herbs before the next cycle.

HOW TO START - To begin your sessions, press the main power button for three seconds to turn on and off. When you decide to change the temperature of your device, press the power button once. Once you’ve decided on your temperature, the LX Slim will automatically vibrate once to preheat. The device will then vibrate twice when your session is ready to start. At 440°F, the LX Slim will end its heating cycle after two minutes. After three minutes, the heating cycle will automatically conclude for all other temperature settings. Once the heating cycle is complete, the device will provide two vibrations and power off.

HOW TO CHARGE - When you receive the LX Slim for the first time, charge the device for two hours. After its first charge, do not charge the unit for more than one hour—charging longer than this will cause the device to ruin its battery or wear down its lifespan. During the charging process, the indicator light will display red; once it reaches a full charge, it will switch to green. You could also check the battery status by pressing the power button once.

UNDERSTANDING TROUBLESHOOTING - If the battery is below 20%, the red light will flash 10X, and the device will shut down. The device will flash red three times for a red circuit issue and then shut off.

HOW TO CLEAN THE CHAMBER - To clean the chamber, open the bottom cap and make sure the device is off and has been cooled down from use. Afterward, empty the used herbs from the chamber and ensure that the device is upright to prevent alcohol from dripping into the battery. Then, take an alcohol-soaked dab swab or wipe and delicately clean the chamber.

HOW TO CLEAN THE MOUTHPIECE - To start, disassemble the mouthpiece fully for cleaning purposes. Then, take an alcohol-dampened swab or wipe and delicately clean the mouthpiece. Be cautious not to submerge the mouthpiece in alcohol, as it could potentially harm the materials.

Box Contents:

1 x LX Slim Battery

1 x Mouthpiece

1 x 3D Oven Screen

1 x Multi Tool

1 x Type C Charging Cable

5 x Alcohol Swabs

1 x User Manual

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