WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Twist E-Liquid

Twist E-Liquid

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Pop Clouds Synthetic - Watermelon 2x60mL

Pop Clouds Synthetic - Watermelon 2x60mLSweet red watermelons are condensed and candied to a gummy-l..

Pop Clouds Synthetic - Grape 2x60mL

Pop Clouds Synthetic - Grape 2x60mLRipe and juicy grapes are coated in sugar to produce candied flav..

Pop Clouds Synthetic - Cotton Fluff 2x60mL

Pop Clouds Synthetic - Cotton Fluff 2x60mLSpun pink sugar and candied flavors combine to satisfy any..

Pop Clouds Synthetic - Blue Razz 2x60mL

Pop Clouds Synthetic - Blue Razz 2x60mLClouds of candied blueberries and raspberries mix for popping..

Fryd Synthetic - Ice Cream 2x60mL

Fryd Synthetic - Ice Cream 2x60mLVelvety vanilla ice cream, battered and deep-fried in a crispy, cak..

Fryd Synthetic - Funnel Cake 2x60mL

Fryd Synthetic - Funnel Cake 2x60mLDelicious deep-fried batter is topped with a thin layer of powder..

Fryd Synthetic - Cream Cookie 2x60mL

Fryd Synthetic - Cream Cookie 2x60mLA classic chocolate wafer cookie with cream filling, deep-fried ..

Fryd Synthetic - Cream Cake 2x60mL

Fryd Synthetic - Cream Cake 2x60mLHeavenly vanilla sponge cake packed with rich, sweet cream and dee..

Fryd Synthetic - Banana 2x60mL

Fryd Synthetic - Banana 2x60mLDeep-fried golden banana slices with a hint of butterscotch on top of ..