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Stache Rig in One Limited Edition Black Onyx Kit

Stache Rig in One Limited Edition Black Onyx Kit

Stache Rig in One Limited Edition Black Onyx Kit

N E W   D E S I G N .

Looking for that great at-home dab experience? You can have it anywhere with the Rig in One from Stache ProductsThe Rig in One is designed to make concentrate consumption a breeze, without sacrificing any of the things that people prefer about dabbing without electronics.

Featuring a sleek new Limited Edition Black Onyx color with matching torch and carry case, and a new glass design, the new Limited Edition Black Onyx RiO is sure to impress at the your next sesh. Designed for portability and convenience, the new RiO LE Onyx is great for at home and on the go use. Powered by combustion through the use of a torch, there is no need for batteries, coils, or anything electronic when it comes to the Rig in One.

CORE QUARTZ BANGER - Especially useful for “cold start” dabs, the Stache Core Banger is a quartz dab nail banger. Quartz nails were made to handle high temperatures with the durability to last for hundreds, if not thousands of sessions (when maintained properly). The Core Banger hosts a core stud in the center of the banger that serves to maintain heat, and allow for a more complete vapor production from your concentrates.

STACHE BUBBLE CARB CAP - A carb cap is a must-have accessory for any serious dabber. This small but essential tool helps you get the most out of your concentrates by controlling the airflow and temperature of your rig. With a carb cap, you can enjoy smoother hits, better flavor, and increased efficiency when consuming. The bubble design allows for a smooth rotation and allows the cap to fit on essentially every size of open-top banger.

STAINLESS STEEL CONCENTRATE TOOL - Every Stache Rig in One kit has a double-sided stainless steel tool included for handling concentrates. It is able to handle high temperatures and can be easily cleaned as it’s resistant to chemicals and physical damage.

SILICONE WATER PLUGS - Part of what makes the RiO the perfect portable rig, is the included silicone plugs that fit the mouthpiece and 14mm banger slot perfectly. You don’t need to dump out the water from your piece after every mobile sesh! Take your RiO with you with the water still in it, and save time and hassle.

RIO CARRYING CASE - Every RiO kit comes complete with a color-matching zip-up case. The case contains durable Eva foam that comfortably houses and holds the pieces of the kit for easy and safe transportation of the various components.

NEW BORO GLASS DESIGN - The 4mm thick cube-shaped glass that comes with every RiO kit is perfect for concentrate consumption! The open-neck mouthpiece and directional percolation allow for crisp, full drags when using the kit. The new tapered neck design with the direction of the holes in the percolator prevent any splash back. The new 2-hole percolator optimizes vapor consumption. It is made of durable and clear borosilicate glass so you can trust that it will look and perform well every time!

BUTANE TORCH - The Stache Rig in One is designed to house a butane torch in the base of the unit. The torch is aligned perfectly with the accompanying banger’s position to allow for an easy and efficient heat up when preparing the unit for use. Able to last for approximately 70 uses on a full tank, the “life” of a full Rig in One greatly outlasts the lifespan of a majority of the electronic options that are available on the market. No risk of coil issues, dead batteries, or various other problems that can stem from electronics. No batteries, no coil, no problem.

Box Contents: Matching Onyx Carry Case / Onyx Base & Onyx Torch / Glass Rig / Core Quartz Banger / Bubble Carb Cap / Dab Tool / Water Plugs


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