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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
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Lookah Seahorse King

Lookah Seahorse King

Lookah Seahorse King

The Seahorse Series of wax dab pens from Lookah are the best-selling and most popular battery-powered nectar collector dab pens on the market; and the new Lookah Seahorse King takes electric nectar collectors to the next level. The Seahorse King delivers unparalleled performance and quality; it is the pinnacle of nectar collection technology. Our team has years of expertise in dabbing and electric nectar collectors, and we have used this knowledge to create a device that surpasses all others in this class. 

A metal shell makes the Seahorse King more durable than its predecessors, while the quartz coil and glass mouthpiece retain the pure flavor of your dabs. A whopping 950mAh battery provides dozens of uses between charges. It's perfect for the dabber who's always on the go. Enjoy more choices with the five different compatible dab tips. There's a perfect option, whether you want voluminous cotton ball clouds or a more defined flavor. The ease of use makes the Seahorse King a masterful dabbing tool, the perfect combination for the best dabbing experience. You can use the Seahorse King dab pen with a water pipe. Connecting one end of the green hose and adapter (included) to the end of the mouthpiece and the other to the down stem of a water pipe.

This innovative device combines the best of both worlds, offering the convenience of a dab pen and the functionality of a nectar collector. It's designed explicitly for dabbing wax and boasts a ceramic or quartz heating element, a powerful battery, and a comfortable mouthpiece. With a quick heat-up time, the Electric Nectar Collector can vaporize your concentrates in just seconds, allowing you to inhale the vapor almost instantly. 

The ergonomic form of the Seahorse King means the device balances perfectly in the purlicue of your hand, resting between the thumb and index finger, which sits comfortably over the power button, putting you in control. The Seahorse King has a standard 5-click on and off. It features two user modes: on-demand and session mode. With three preset voltages to choose from, you can dial in your vaping session to suit the concentrate and experience you desire.


Size: (L)40.6mm x (W)22.5mm x (H)150.9mm

Battery Capacity: 950mAh

Input Voltage: 5V

Charging Current: 800mA

Supporting Load: 1.0Ω-9.99Ω

Portable & Durable

Easy Connect Type-C USB Port

Compatible with 510 Cartridges

Box Contents:

1 x Seahorse King

2 x Seahorse Type V Coil

1 x Magnetic Tip/Coil Cover

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x User Manual

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