WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Silverback Juice Co. 120mL

Silverback Juice Co. 120mL

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Silverback - Sandy 120mL

Silverback - Sandy 120mLA perfect balance of juicy strawberries notes on the inhale, with a watermel..

Silverback - Rocky 120mL Out Of Stock

Silverback - Rocky 120mL

Silverback - Rocky 120mLA deliciously baked banana oatmeal cookie crust enhanced with decadent blend..

Silverback - Lola 120mL Out Of Stock

Silverback - Lola 120mL

Silverback - Lola 120mLAn exquisite concoction of ripe strawberries and banana notes, infused with d..

Silverback - Jenny 120mL Out Of Stock

Silverback - Jenny 120mL

Silverback - Jenny 120mLA refreshing balance of strawberries with a splash of cool minty watermelon ..

Silverback - Harambe 120mL Out Of Stock

Silverback - Harambe 120mL

Silverback - Harambe 120mLA nice Caribbean Rum with a creamy finish, a hint of cinnamon and vanilla ..

Silverback - Booboo 120mL Out Of Stock

Silverback - Booboo 120mL

Silverback - Booboo 120mLA delicious blend of grape extract with a kick of freshly picked blueberrie..

Silverback - Amy 120mL Out Of Stock

Silverback - Amy 120mL

Silverback - Amy 120mLA vanilla bean ice cream infused with peanut butter brittle pieces, topped off..