WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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SaltBae50 - Whiskey Tobacco 30mL

SaltBae50 - Whiskey Tobacco 30mLPremium tobacco finished with the spicy barrel-aged taste of fine wh..

SaltBae50 - Virginia Tobacco 30mL

SaltBae50 - Virginia Tobacco 30mLGolden Virginia Tobacco has an aromatic fire-cured taste. With a sl..

SaltBae50 - Sweet Pink Lemonade 30mL (Pink Lemonade)

SaltBae50 - Sweet Pink Lemonade 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: PINK LEMONADEOne of the tastiest summertime flav..

SaltBae50 - Iced Ripe Banana 30mL (ICED Banana)

SaltBae50 - Iced Ripe Banana 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: ICED BANANAA flavorful shot of bananas with a splas..

SaltBae50 - Tropical Watermelon Kiwi 30mL (Watermelon Kiwi)

SaltBae50 - Tropical Watermelon Kiwi 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: WATERMELON KIWIA tropical blend of ripe kiw..

SaltBae50 - Juicy Grape Kiwi 30mL (Grape Kiwi)

SaltBae50 - Juicy Grape Kiwi 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: GRAPE KIWIA juicy combination of tasty grapes and p..

SaltBae50 - Iced Blue Raz Lemonade 30mL (ICED Blue Raspberry Lemonade)

SaltBae50 - Iced Blue Raz Lemonade 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: ICED BLUE RASPBERRY LEMONADEThe tastiest blue..

SaltBae50 - Iced Fresh Mint 30mL (ICED Winter Green)

SaltBae50 - Iced Fresh MintFORMERLY NAMED: ICED WINTER GREENAn icy sweet n fresh mint flavor.Availab..

SaltBae50 - Jungle Berry 30mL (Strawberry Acai)

SaltBae50 - Jungle Berry 30mL FORMERLY NAMED: STRAWBERRY ACAIAn exotic mix of berries, blended ..

SaltBae50 - Yellow Peach 30mL (Georgia Peach)

SaltBae50 - Yellow Peach 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: GEORGIA PEACHSooooo peachy.Available in 25mg or 50mg ni..

SaltBae50 - Tropical Punch 30mL (Fruit Punch)

SaltBae50 - Tropical Punch 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: FRUIT PUNCHA tropical flavor that packs a PUNCH.Avail..

SaltBae50 - Iced Summer Watermelon 30mL (ICED Juicy Watermelon)

SaltBae50 - Iced Summer Watermelon 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: ICED JUICY WATERMELONWhat's better on a hot s..

SaltBae50 - Iced Tropical Mango 30mL (ICED Red Mango)

SaltBae50 - Iced Tropical Mango 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: ICED RED MANGOTropical Mango is the closest thin..

SaltBae50 - Iced Sour Green Apple 30mL (ICED Green Apple)

SaltBae50 - Iced Sour Green Apple 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: ICED GREEN APPLEHead down to your local farmer..

SaltBae50 - Blue Raz Lemonade 30mL (Blue Raspberry Lemonade)

SaltBae50 - Blue Raz Lemonade 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: BLUE RASPBERRY LEMONADEThe tastiest blue raspberry..

SaltBae50 - Ripe Pineapple 30mL (Fresh Pineapple)

SaltBae50 - Ripe Pineapple 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: FRESH PINEAPPLEA perfectly ripe and juicy pineapple f..

SaltBae50 - Tropical Mango 30mL (Red Mango)

SaltBae50 - Tropical Mango 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: RED MANGOTropical Mango is the closest thing you can ..

SaltBae50 - Summer Watermelon 30mL (Juicy Watermelon)

SaltBae50 - Summer Watermelon 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: JUICY WATERMELONWhat's better on a hot summer afte..

SaltBae50 - Sour Green Apple 30mL (Green Apple)

SaltBae50 - Sour Green Apple 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: GREEN APPLEHead down to your local farmers market a..

SaltBae50 - Wild Strawberry Kiwi 30mL (Strawberry Kiwi)

SaltBae50 - Wild Strawberry Kiwi 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: STRAWBERRY KIWIThe perfect pairing of ripe stra..

SaltBae50 - Fresh Iced Honeydew 30mL (Honeydew ICE)

SaltBae50 - Fresh Iced Honeydew 30mLFORMERLY NAMED: HONEYDEW ICESweet, light honeydew melon is ..

SaltBae50 - Caramel Tobacco 30mL (Sweet Caramel Tobacco)

SaltBae50 - Caramel Tobacco 30mL FORMERLY NAMED: SWEET CARAMEL TOBACCOTobacco and caramel are a..