WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Prism Ombra - Vigor 60mL VIP

Prism Ombra - Vigor 60mL

Prism Ombra - Vigor 60mLThis tart, crisp green apple flavor will remind you of all the yummy apples ..

Prism Ombra - Gold 60mL VIP

Prism Ombra - Gold 60mL

Prism Ombra - Gold 60mLOmbra Gold by Prism is a velvety golden tobacco flavor that will have you wan..

Prism Ombra - Dahlia 60mL VIP

Prism Ombra - Dahlia 60mL

Prism Ombra - Dahlia 60mLOmbra Dahlia by Prism is a smooth and has the unique flavors of honeysuckle..

Prism Luma - Emerald 60mL VIP

Prism Luma - Emerald 60mL

Prism Luma - Emerald 60mLLuma Emerald by Prism is a refreshing blend of spearmint and peppermint tha..

Prism Chroma - Vine 60mL VIP

Prism Chroma - Vine 60mL

Prism Chroma - Vine 60mLChroma Vine 60ml Vape Juice by Prism brings you smooth cool melon flavors th..

Prism Chroma - Ruby 60mL VIP

Prism Chroma - Ruby 60mL

Prism Chroma - Ruby 60mLChroma Ruby by Prism is a delectable blend of raspberries, blackberries..