WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Okami Salt

Okami Salt

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Okami Salt - Twerps 30mL

Okami Salt - Twerps 30mLThe greatness of peach tea fused with the sour magic and invigorating taste ..

Okami Salt - Lychee Lauren 30mL

Okami Salt - Lychee Lauren 30mLA refreshing blend of white peaches and authentic lychee te..

Okami Salt - Berry GoYard 30mL

Okami Salt - Berry GoYard 30mLThis vibrant combination of mixed berries and yogurt is designed to ta..

Okami Salt - Rainbow Riot 30mL

Okami Salt - Rainbow Riot 30mLRainbow SherbertAvailable in 25mg & 50mg nicotine levels in 30mL b..

Okami Salt - Melon Milk 30mL

Okami Salt - Melon Milk 30mLHoneydew Condensed MilkAvailable in 25mg & 50mg nicotine levels in 3..

Okami Salt - Haute Mocha 30mL

Okami Salt - Haute Mocha 30mLMOCHA FRAPPUCCINOAvailable in 50mg nicotine level in 30mL bottles.Okami..

Okami Salt - Sour Menace (Apple Dior) 30mL

Okami Salt - Sour Menace (Apple Dior) 30mLOkami Salts presents Apple Dior, a tantalizing sour green ..

Okami Salt - Blu Rza 30mL

Okami Salt - Blu Rza 30mLOkami Salts presents Blu Rza, a raspberry slushy flavored blast of goodness..

Okami Salt - OG Bubba (Kenzo Melon) 30mL

Okami Salt - OG Bubba (Kenzo Melon) 30mLOkami Salts presents Kenzo Melon, a watermelon bubblegum fla..

Okami Salt - Dolce & Guava 30mL

Okami Salt - Dolce & Guava 30mLOkami Salts presents Dolce and Guava, a delicious mixture of mang..