WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ohmboy Salt 30mL

Ohmboy Salt 30mL

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OhmBoy Salt - Tropical 30mL

OhmBoy Salt - Tropical 30mLJuicy ripe pineapple, mixed with ripe guava, with a sweet yellow peach ex..

OhmBoy Salt - Strawberry Custard 30mL

OhmBoy Salt - Strawberry Custard 30mLJust a perfect blend of creams and custards mixed with a new st..

OhmBoy Salt - Punch 30mL

OhmBoy Salt - Punch 30mLLets take a quick trip to the tropics for a real fruit punch; starts with a ..

OhmBoy Salt - Melon Punch 30mL

OhmBoy Salt - Melon Punch 30mLIt's watermelon punch bro! and it's bomb. All the fruits blended to a ..

OhmBoy Salt - Mango 30mL

OhmBoy Salt - Mango 30mLWhat's to say, it's a delicious Mango with tropical fruit back notes, C..

OhmBoy Salt - Headz 30mL

OhmBoy Salt - Headz 30mLStart's off with a Lemonhead candy inhale followed by a mixed frui..

OhmBoy Salt - Blueberry Custard 30mL

OhmBoy Salt - Blueberry Custard 30mLThe same as its strawberry brother, just ya know... blueberry.Av..