WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Fruitia 60mL

Fruitia 60mL

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Fruitia - Peach Pear Clementine 60mL

Fruitia - Peach Pear Clementine 60mLThe perfect blend of peaches, pears, and clementine. Availa..

Fruitia - Fuji Apple Grape 60mL

Fruitia - Fuji Apple Grape 60mLA sweet and tart fusion of Fuji apples and grapes.Available in 60mL b..

Fruitia - Strawberry Coconut 60mL

Fruitia - Strawberry Coconut 60mLStep into the tropics with this fruity infusion of strawberry and c..

Fruitia - Pineapple Citrus 60mL

Fruitia - Pineapple Citrus 60mLA hurricane of flavors sure to electrify your taste buds. Pineapple, ..

Fruitia - Passion Fruit Guava 60mL

Fruitia - Passion Fruit Guava 60mLIgnite your senses, passion, and taste buds with passion fruit , g..