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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ecto 30mL

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FIRE and ICE E-Liquid - 30mL

FIRE and ICE E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Fire and Ice E-Liquid has a hot, cinnamon flavor. It tastes like re..

ECTO Menthol E-Liquid - 30mL

ECTO Menthol E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Menthol E-Liquid is a cool menthol flavor, fresh and minty. Availab..

American Tobacco E-Liquid - 30mL

American Tobacco E-Liquid - 30mLECTO American Tobacco E-Liquid is a traditional type tobacco flavor...

Strawberry Blast E-Liquid - 30mL

Strawberry Blast E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Strawbery Blast E-Liquid vapes like fresh sweet strawberry flav..

Pineapple Coconut E-Liquid - 30mL

Pineapple Coconut E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Pineapple Coconut E-Liquid is a pina colada flavor, straight f..

Lemon Lime E-Liquid - 30mL

Lemon Lime E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Lemon Lime E-Liquid is a sweet lemon and lime flavor. Available in a ..

Watermelon E-Liquid - 30mL

Watermelon E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Watermelon E-Liquid vapes like a fresh watermelon on a hot summer day..

Cherry E-Liquid - 30mL

Cherry E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Cherry E-Liquid has a very exquisite cherry taste that will leave you fee..

Kiwi Strawberry E-Liquid - 30mL

Kiwi Strawberry E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Kiwi Strawberry E-Liquid is a refreshing blend of strawberry and..

Melon E-Liquid - 30mL

Melon E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Melon E-Liquid is a Fruit flavor with hints of watermelon and strawberry. ..

Vanilla Cupcake E-Liquid - 30mL

Vanilla Cupcake E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Vanilla Cupcake E-Liquid is our best selling flavor, rich and cr..

Menthol Smooth E-Liquid - 30mL

Menthol Smooth E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Menthol Smooth E-Liquid Tastes like a nice smooth menthol. Availa..

Peach E-Liquid - 30mL

Peach E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Peach E-Liquid is a sweet ripe peach flavor. Available in a 30mL bottle si..

ECTO Tobacco E-Liquid - 30mL

ECTO Tobacco E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Tobacco E-Liquid tastes like a southern type tobacco with a hint of..

Chocolate Bar E-Liquid - 30mL

Chocolate Bar E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Chocolate Bar E-Liquid has pleasant flavors of chocolate, peanut a..

Sweet Mango E-Liquid - 30mL

Sweet Mango E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Sweet Mango E-Liquid vapes like fresh mango with a peachy-plum flavo..

Fruit Swirl E-Liquid - 30mL

Fruit Swirl E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Fruit Swirl E-Liquid tastes fruit stripe gum flavor that lasts longe..

Double Apple E-Liquid - 30mL

Double Apple E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Double Apple E-Liquid vapes like an all time favorite Shisha type f..

Blueberry E-Liquid - 30mL

Blueberry E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Blueberry E-Liquid is an incredible, true-to-life fresh blueberry flav..

Happy Hour E-Liquid - 30mL Out Of Stock

Happy Hour E-Liquid - 30mL

Happy Hour E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Happy Hour E-Liquid brings the party to your vaporizer. A nice fruit ..

Blueberry ICE E-Liquid - 30mL

Blueberry ICE E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Blueberry ICE E-Liquid has a blueberry flavor with a hint of menth..

Cafe Latte E-Liquid - 30mL

Cafe Latte E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Cafe Latte E-Liquid is the best coffee flavor on the market! Full-bod..

Strawberry Cream E-Liquid - 30mL

Strawberry Cream E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Strawberry Cream E-Liquid vapes like strawberry with a hint of ..

Banana E-Liquid - 30mL

Banana E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Banana E-Liquid tastes like a banana popsicle. Available in a 30mL bottle..

Cinnamon Swirl E-Liquid - 30mL

Cinnamon Swirl E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Cinnamon Swirl E-Liquid tastes like fresh baked cinnamon buns wit..

Sweets E-Liquid - 30mL

Sweets E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Sweets E-Liquid vapes like sweet gummy and tutti fruity flavor with a hin..

Grape E-Liquid - 30mL

Grape E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Grape E-Liquid tastes like a sweet candy type grape. Available in a 30mL b..