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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Baton - Super Mint 10mL

Baton - Super Mint 10mLMint, mint and more mint.Available in 25mg & 50mg nicotine strengths.This..

Baton - Iced Georgia Peach 10mL

Baton - Iced Georgia Peach 10mLSweet Georgia peaches, over ice.Available in 25mg & 50mg nicotine..

Baton - Arctic Menthol 10mL

Baton - Arctic Menthol 10mLChilled, icy, menthol. That's it.Available in 25mg & 50mg nicotine st..

Baton - Lush Lychee 10mL

Baton - Lush Lychee 10mLA candied peach and lychee medley - with a hint of ice.Available in 25m..

Baton - Iced Banana Milk 10mL

Baton - Iced Banana Milk 10mLA sweet banana milkshake, over ice.Available in 25mg & 50mg nicotin..

Baton - Wild Melon 10mL

Baton - Wild Melon 10mLA cooling ripe melon medley (icy).Available in 25mg & 50mg nicotine stren..

Baton - Southern Leaf 10mL

Baton - Southern Leaf 10mLRich, robust and always in style. The dark, classic flavor of tobacco with..

Baton - Vanilla Wafer 10mL

Baton - Vanilla Wafer 10mLRich wafer cookie. Treat yourself to a little guilt-free dessert.Avai..

Baton - Fruit Confit 10mL

Baton - Fruit Confit 10mLA vibrant fruit medley.Available in 25mg & 50mg nicotine strengths.This..

Baton - Crisp Apple 10mL

Baton - Crisp Apple 10mLCrisp, juicy, smooth. Channel a trip to the orchard from the comfort of your..

Baton - Glacier Mint 10mL

Baton - Glacier Mint 10mLThe cool, clean, refreshing flavor of mint.Available in 25mg & 50mg nic..

Baton - Iced Watermelon Limeade 10mL

Baton - Iced Watermelon Limeade 10mLA refreshing drink flavor, watermelon limeade on the rocks. ..

Baton - Island Mango 10mL

Baton - Island Mango 10mLSail away with the sweet, smooth taste of tropical mango.Available in 25mg ..