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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bantam 60mL

Bantam 60mL

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Bantam - Flavor Free 60mL

Bantam - Flavor Free 60mLFlavorlessAvailable in a 60mL bottle..

Bantam - Menthol 60mL

Bantam - Menthol 60mLReflect or rewind with the relaxing taste of warm tobacco, and the refreshing t..

Bantam - Toasted Tobacco 60mL

Bantam - Toasted Tobacco 60mLTake pride in the rich and robust taste of American tobacco flavored wi..

Bantam - Sour Strawberry 60mL

Bantam - Sour Strawberry 60mLA vape that starts with the sweet taste of fresh strawberries and cool,..

Bantam - Mango Passion 60mL

Bantam - Mango Passion 60mLWanna get away? Take an adventure to the islands with Mango Passion. &nbs..

Bantam - Kiwi Berry 60mL

Bantam - Kiwi Berry 60mLThe simple sweetness of kiwi flavor bursts with the mild boldness of notes o..

Bantam - Jasmine Milk Tea 60mL Out Of Stock

Bantam - Jasmine Milk Tea 60mL

Bantam - Jasmine Milk Tea 60mLThe delicate flavor of Jasmine complete with a sweet and creamy milk f..

Bantam - Butterscotch 60mL

Bantam - Butterscotch 60mLEnjoy the exotic flavor of Madagascar vanilla and toffee beautifully blend..

Bantam - Blue Berries 60mL

Bantam - Blue Berries 60mLA blissful blend that begins with a burst of blueberry and raspberry flavo..

Bantam - Banana Muffin 60mL

Bantam - Banana Muffin 60mLThe tropical, fruity flavor and the comforting, home cooked scent of bana..

Bantam - Wild Berryade 60mL Out Of Stock

Bantam - Wild Berryade 60mL

Bantam - Wild Berryade 60mLThe wildest nights call for the wildest flavors, and Wild Berryade is jus..

Bantam - Strawberry Sour Daiquiri 60mL Out Of Stock

Bantam - Strawberry Sour Daiquiri 60mL

Bantam - Strawberry Sour Daiquiri 60mLSip on a signature summertime beverage with Strawberry Sour Da..

Bantam - Sour Revenge 60mL Out Of Stock

Bantam - Sour Revenge 60mL

Bantam - Sour Revenge 60mLSour Revenge is your favorite sweet and sour fruit flavor, evolved.  ..

Bantam - Fruity Rainbow Crunch 60mL Out Of Stock

Bantam - Fruity Rainbow Crunch 60mL

Bantam - Fruity Rainbow Crunch 60mLSatisfy your midnight munchies with Fruity Rainbow Crunch.  ..

Bantam - Citrus Spritz 60mL Out Of Stock

Bantam - Citrus Spritz 60mL

Bantam - Citrus Spritz 60mLA refreshingly fizzy pairing of California-grown citrus with a tropical t..