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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SVRF / Met4 / The Standard

SVRF / Met4 / The Standard

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SVRF Salts - Stimulating Iced 30mL

SVRF Salts - Stimulating Iced 30mLThey've chilled the flavors of five different berries, with the ex..

SVRF Salts - Stimulating 30mL

SVRF Salts - Stimulating 30mLThis unique fruit blend is a delicate tight-rope of various sweet and s..

SVRF Salts - Satisfying Iced 30mL

SVRF Salts - Satisfying Iced 30mLThe sweetness of dragonfruit, or pitaya, melds with the bold flavor..

SVRF Salts - Revive Iced 30mL

SVRF Salts - Revive Iced 30mLTake in the complex aroma of wild blueberries; sweet, sour, and slightl..

SVRF Salts - Revive 30mL

SVRF Salts - Revive 30mLTake in the complex aroma of wild blueberries; sweet, sour, and slightly flo..

SVRF Salts - Refreshing Iced 30mL

SVRF Salts - Refreshing Iced 30mLTake in the luxurious sweetness of papaya that seems to just melt a..

SVRF - Stimulating ICED 60mL Out Of Stock

SVRF - Stimulating ICED 60mL

SVRF - Stimulating ICED 60mLMenthol + berries + lychee… one of the most unique and delicious flavors..

SVRF - Satisfying ICED 60mL

SVRF - Satisfying ICED 60mLAn even cooler version of SVRF’s worldwide top-seller, Satisfying Iced is..

SVRF - Revive ICED 60mL

SVRF - Revive ICED 60mLA brilliant and surprising fusion of menthol, papaya, mango and cantaloupe - ..

SVRF - Balanced ICED 60mL Out Of Stock

SVRF - Balanced ICED 60mL

SVRF - Balanced ICED 60mLThe “Iced” version of the perfect treat that you can vape all day, this uni..

Met4 Salts - Pacific Sangha 30mL Out Of Stock

Met4 Salts - Pacific Sangha 30mL

Met4 Salts - Pacific Sangha 30mLThis delicious strawberry-milk vape is light, creamy, and poised to ..

Met4 Salts - Golden Ticket 30mL

Met4 Salts - Golden Ticket 30mLThis delicious chocolate-milk vape is light, creamy, and poised to be..

Met4 Salts - Fairgrounds 30mL

Met4 Salts - Fairgrounds 30mLA deep fried cream cake flavored E-Liquid!Available in 24 and 48 millig..

SVRF Salts - Satisfying 30mL

SVRF Salts - Satisfying 30mLSatisfying by SVRF Salt E-Liquid is a uniquely flavored combination of d..

SVRF Salts - Refreshing 30mL

SVRF Salts - Refreshing 30mLRefreshing by SVRF Salt E-Liquid features an exotic fruit blend of papay..

SVRF Salts - Balanced 30mL

SVRF Salts - Balanced 30mLBalanced by SVRF Salt E-Liquid is an unbelievably smooth blend of coconut ..

SVRF - Stimulating 60mL Out Of Stock

SVRF - Stimulating 60mL

SVRF - Stimulating 60mLSucculent mixed berries merged with the enigmatic flavor of lychee fruits wit..

SVRF - Revive 60mL

SVRF - Revive 60mLBlueberry and lime – it sounds simple, but SVRF Revive’s blend of flavors is as co..

Met4 - Pacific Sangha 60mL

Met4 - Pacific Sangha 60mLPacific Sangha - Strawberry Milk by Met4 Vapor combines sweet strawberry w..

Met4 - Golden Ticket 60mL

Met4 - Golden Ticket 60mLGolden Ticket is a rich and creamy chocolate milk flavor perfect for any ti..

Met4 - Fairgrounds E-Liquid 60mL

Met4 Fairgrounds E-Liquid 60mLDeep Fried Cream Cake.Available in 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine leve..

SVRF - Satisfying 60mL

SVRF - Satisfying 60mLA satisfying raspberry and dragon fruit iced tea will hit the sweet spot every..

SVRF - Refreshing 60mL

SVRF - Refreshing 60mLA perfect pick-me-up, blending papaya, mango, and cantaloupe for an exotic and..

SVRF - Balanced 60mL

SVRF - Balanced 60mLA smooth blend of coconut and a mixture of creams for a tasty, all-day vape.VG/P..