WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Chain Vapez - XXX And Chill 120mL (2x60mL)

Chain Vapez - XXX And Chill 120mL (2x60mL)Let’s XXX and Chill! 3 different strawberries from various..

Chain Vapez - XXX 120mL (2x60mL)

Chain Vapez - XXX 120mL (2x60mL)Three different strawberries from various parts of the world come to..

Chain Vapez - Sunset Sherbert 120mL (2x60mL)

Chain Vapez - Sunset Sherbert 120mL (2x60mL)The most exotic fruits come together and are master mixe..

Chain Vapez - Sauce 120mL (2x60mL)

Chain Vapez - Sauce 120mL (2x60mL)Freshly plucked raspberries simmering with sweet lemons come toget..

Chain Vapez - Gravity 120mL (2x60mL)

Chain Vapez - Gravity 120mL (2x60mL)Gravity is a watermelon and grape infused bubble gum that will h..

The Mamasan - Super Cereal 100mL

The Mamasan - Super Cereal 100mLThe ultimate blend of your favorite colorful sugar-coated cereals!Av..

The Mamasan - Purple Cheesecake 100mL

The Mamasan - Purple Cheesecake 100mLRich and Creamy Filipino Style Ube CheesecakeAvailable in a 60m..

The Mamasan - Mama Melon 100mL

The Mamasan - Mama Melon 100mLThe Mother of all Melon Flavors. Fresh Honey Dew Melon, Chinese Hami M..

The Mamasan - Guava Pop 100mL

The Mamasan - Guava Pop 100mLGuava hard candy finished with a sweet Juicy PeachAvailable in a 60mL B..

The Mamasan - Bruce Leechee 100mL

The Mamasan - Bruce Leechee 100mLJuicy Mangos with a soft touch of Sweet LycheeAvailable in a 60mL B..

The Mamasan - A.S.A.P. 100mL

The Mamasan - A.S.A.P. 100mLA Sour Candy mix of Green Apple, Sweet Strawberry, and Peach all kissed ..

Watermelon E-Liquid - 30mL

Watermelon E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Watermelon E-Liquid vapes like a fresh watermelon on a hot summer day..

Vanilla Cupcake E-Liquid - 30mL

Vanilla Cupcake E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Vanilla Cupcake E-Liquid is our best selling flavor, rich and cr..

Sweet Mango E-Liquid - 30mL

Sweet Mango E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Sweet Mango E-Liquid vapes like fresh mango with a peachy-plum flavo..

Sweet Fishies E-Liquid - 30mL

Sweet Fishies E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Sweet Fishies E-Liquid vapes like sweet gummy and tutti fruity fla..

Strawberry Cream E-Liquid - 30mL

Strawberry Cream E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Strawberry Cream E-Liquid vapes like strawberry with a hint of ..

Strawberry Blast E-Liquid - 30mL

Strawberry Blast E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Strawbery Blast E-Liquid vapes like fresh sweet strawberry flav..

Sherbet E-Liquid - 30mL

Sherbet E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Sherbet E-Liquid will have you experiencing all of the sweetness and fru..

Pink Twist E-Liquid - 30mL

Pink Twist E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Pink Twist E-Liquid has hints of lemonade and grapefruit in every vap..

Pineapple Coconut E-Liquid - 30mL

Pineapple Coconut E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Pineapple Coconut E-Liquid is a pina colada flavor, straight f..

Peach E-Liquid - 30mL

Peach E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Peach E-Liquid is a sweet ripe peach flavor. Available in a 30mL bottle si..

Orange Creamsicle E-Liquid - 30mL

Orange Creamsicle E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Orange Creamsicle E-Liquid vapes like an orange sherbet and va..

Mystery Mix E-Liquid - 30mL

Mystery Mix E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Mystery Mix E-Liquid vapes like violets and mint like the classic vi..

Menthol Smooth E-Liquid - 30mL

Menthol Smooth E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Menthol Smooth E-Liquid Tastes like a nice smooth menthol. Availa..

Lemon Lime E-Liquid - 30mL

Lemon Lime E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Lemon Lime E-Liquid is a sweet lemon and lime flavor. Available in a ..

Kiwi Strawberry E-Liquid - 30mL

Kiwi Strawberry E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Kiwi Strawberry E-Liquid is a refreshing blend of strawberry and..

Jolly Melon E-Liquid - 30mL

Jolly Melon E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Jolly Melon E-Liquid is a Fruit flavor with hints of watermelon and ..

Honeydew Bliss E-Liquid - 30mL

Honeydew Bliss E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Honeydew Bliss E-Liquid is a tropical blend of honeydew and melon..

Heavenly Kiss E-Liquid - 30mL

Heavenly Kiss E-Liquid - 30mLECTO Heavenly Kiss E-Liquid is a heavenly combination of creamy strawbe..

Halcyon Vapors - Dragon Ch'i 100mL

Halcyon Vapors - Dragon Ch'i 100mLDragon Ch'i by Halcyon Vapors is a dragon fruit and pomegranate fl..

Halcyon Vapors - Cran Ch'i 100mL

Halcyon Vapors - Cran Ch'i 100mLCran Ch'i by Halcyon Vapors is a lightly sweetened cranberry eliquid..

Halcyon Vapors - Apach'i 100mL

Halcyon Vapors - Apach'i 100mLApach'i by Halcyon Vapors is a unique blend of apricot, peac..