WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

JoyEtech eGrip MINI

JoyEtech eGrip MINI

JoyEtech eGrip MINI

S M A L L   I S   B E A U T I F U L .

The eGrip Mini has a stunning and stylish design that gives it a luxury feel. It looks like a product that has been tailored specifically for the fashion world instead of the vape world. It's a portable device with a long lasting battery life and is equipped with fast charging. The eGrip Mini is a refillable pod system that will make you enjoy vaping like never before!

DELIGHTFUL COLOR - A great design alone, mixing it with brilliant and fashionable colors make it even more enjoyable.

TYPE-C WITH FAST CHARGING - The device only takes 30 minutes to fully charge the built-in 420mAh battery. Enjoy more time vaping and less time charging.

VAPE WITHOUT THE HASSLE OF A BUTTON - With an air pressure sensor, vaping without having to constantly press a button provides a more natural feel.

PORTABLE SIZE WITH INCLUDED LANYARD - With a pocket size and convenient lanyard, you can bring the eGrip Mini everywhere you go!


Size: 10mm x 39mm x 71mm

Battery Capacity: 420mAh

Weight: 43.6g

Power Mode: Constant Power Output

Resistance: 1.2Ω KTR Coil / 0.5Ω Mesh Coil

CREATIVE SIDEWAYS CARTRIDGE - Insert the cartridge vertically from the side. This design adds ease to cartridge changing and the filling process.

TWO CARTRIDGE OPTIONS - To offer you more options and a better vaping experience, there are two types of cartridges, with two different mouthpieces included with the kit.

MTL Option

1.2Ω KTR

MTL Mouthpiece

DL Option

0.5Ω Mesh

DL Mouthpiece

EASY TO FILL - There is nothing more simple than the refilling process for the eGrip Mini's cartridge. Simply open the stopper on the side, inject the e-liquid into the cartridge, and you're ready to vape. A two step process is all it takes.

INTELLIGENT BATTERY LIFE INDICATORS - The color of the indicator light changes accordingly to the remaining battery capacity. Green indicates the battery life is between 100% and 60%, Blue indicates 59% to 30% and Red is 29% or less, meaning it's time to charge.

MULTIPLE PROTECTIONS - Overcharging, timeout, short circuit, and over discharge protections.

Kit Contents:

1 x eGrip Mini Battery 

1 x eGrip Mini 1.2Ω KTR Cartridge 

1 x eGrip Mini 0.5Ω Mesh Cartridge

1 x DL Mouthpiece

1 x MTL Mouthpiece

1 x Lanyard

1 x USB Type-C Cable

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