WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

DazzLeaf DAZZii Cup Vaporizer

DazzLeaf DAZZii Cup Vaporizer

DazzLeaf DAZZii Cup Vaporizer

The vapor from your favorite oil/ wax vape cartridges come together in the Dazzii Cup from DazzLeaf. Once full, pick up the glass and sip the vapor. You can even use a straw. Hits like a dream! The Dazzii Cup allows you to relax and smoke at your own pace. You can tilt the glass cup back a bit or as much as you like, so this vaporizer can be used without pressure to get all the vape in one big puff.

The Dazzii Cup features an internal 510 thread connection for 510 Oil/Wax cartridges. This vaporizer is very easy to use. Tap the power button on the front panel to power the device and select the desired voltage setting (yellow 2.5V, blue 3.0V, green 3.5V, red 4.0V) or enable the 30-second auto input feature. This innovative desktop vaporizer is powered by a 1600mAh battery. It is a small vaporizer that looks good and is durable. It's also the vaporizer you'll want to share with your friends for new ways to enjoy your favorite 510 oil/wax cartridge.


1600mAh Internal Battery

Made for 510 Oil / Wax Cartridges

510 Threaded Connection

Unique Removeable Cup

Adjustable Voltage - 2.5V / 3.0V / 3.5V / 4.0V

Automatic Filling - Instant Heat-up

Auto Off Feature

Easy to Use

Dimensions: 120mm x 120mm x 224mm

Box Contents:

1 x DAZZii Cup Vaporizer

1 x Borosilicate Glass Cup

1 x Triple Quartz Atomizer

1 x Ceramic Atomizer

5 x Cotton Swabs

1 x Brush

1 x Poker Tool

1 x Brush

1 x USB-C Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

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