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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Chronic Camo Cartridge Battery

Chronic Camo Cartridge Battery

Chronic Camo Cartridge Battery


T H E   V A P E   W I T H   A   S E C R E T .

Indulge discreetly with the new 'hide-a-cart' style Chronic Camo Cartridge Battery.

This stealthy device essentially camouflages your cartridge as a regular ol' nicotine disposable so now when people question where that smell is coming from, you can proudly show it isn't you.

With three voltage settings (2.8V (Green) / 3.4V (Blue) / 3.8V (Red)) to choose from, plus the preheat feature (1.8V), this carto battery can either be activated upon inhale (Air Activated Mode) or manually (Button Activated Mode). 

Compatible with most 1g and 2g cartridges, this easy-to-use device is equipped with a durable 650mAh internal battery with Type-C USB Charging. 

Sold individually. 

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