WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Suorin Elite Pod Kit

Suorin Elite Pod KitB O R N   T O   B E   T H E   S M A L L ..

Suorin Elite Coils 3pk

Suorin Elite Coils 3pkReplacement coils for the Suorin Elite Pod Kit. Available in two resistances; ..

Suorin Elite Cartridge 2pk

Suorin Elite Cartridge 2pkReplacement cartridge for the Suorin Elite Pod Kit. The Elite Cartridge ha..

Suorin Shine

Suorin ShineS O F T .   S M O O T H .Made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, which can prov..

Suorin Shine Replacement Pod 3pk

Suorin Shine Replacement Pod 3pkReplacement cartridges for the Suorin Shine device.The Shine Cartrid..

Suorin Edge B Version Kit w/ Pod

Suorin Edge B Version Kit w/ PodC A R T R I D G E   I N C L U D E DThe Suorin Edge&nb..

Suorin Reno

Suorin RenoThe Reno Open Pod System from Suorin is a super versatile, portable vaping device that in..

Suorin Air Plus

Suorin Air PlusIntelligent Design:Air pressure sensor, automatically drawing design with LED light ..

Suorin Reno 5pk Mesh Coils

Suorin Reno 5pk Mesh Coils***PODS SOLD SEPARATELY***These are replacement mesh coils for the Suorin ..

Suorin Reno Pods 2pk

Suorin Reno Pods 2pk***COILS ARE NOT INCLUDED***These 3mL cartridges serve as replacements for the S..

Suorin Air Plus Kit Display ***LIMIT ONE PER SHOP*** Out Of Stock

Suorin Air Plus Kit Display ***LIMIT ONE PER SHOP***

Suorin Air Plus Kit DisplayA 6 slot display able to hold 3 Suorin Air Plus Devices and 3 Suorin..

Suorin Air Plus Pod

Suorin Air Plus PodReplacement cartridges for the Suorin Air Plus.3.5mL Refillable Cartridge:Big car..

Suorin Drop

Suorin DropThe Suorin Drop Starter Kit is an ultra compact starter kit designed for vapers..

Suorin Air

Suorin AirFrom the manufacturers of the iPhone, the Suorin Air is a compact all-in-one device with a..

Suorin Edge Pod Mod Device

Suorin Edge Pod Mod DeviceT W O   B A T T E R I E S   I N C L U D E D  &nbs..

Suorin Vagon

Suorin VagonThe newest of the Suorin Vape family, featuring a slim, curved body and a revolutionary ..

Suorin Edge Battery - Single

Suorin Edge Battery - SingleReplaceable battery for the sleek Suorin Edge Pod Mod Device. ..

Suorin Edge Cartridge - Single

Suorin Edge Cartridge - SingleReplacement Cartridges for the Edge Pod Device by Suorin. Sold in..

Suorin iShare Single Kit

Suorin iShare Single KitMuch like the Suorin Air or the Suorin Drop Ultra Portable System, the iShar..

Suorin Vagon 2pk Cartidges

Suorin Vagon 2pk Cartidges Replacement 2mL refillable cartridges for the Suorin Vagon Kit. ..

Suorin iShare 3pk Cartridges

Suorin iShare 3pk Cartridges The Suorin iShare Cartridge is designed for iShare and i..

Suorin iShare Kit

Suorin iShare KitThe Suorin iShare Ultra Portable System Starter Kit is a robust and versa..

Suorin Drop Cartridge

Suorin Drop Cartridge This Drop Cartridge is designed for Suorin Drop Starter Ki..