WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Blow Disposable 5%

Blow Disposable 5%

Blow Disposable 5%

Salt Nicotine : 5% (50mg)

Resistance : 1.80

Battery : 280 mAh

Liquid : 1.2mL

Puffs : 280 - 300

Each Display Box contains 12 Disposable Devices

*Blue Raspberry* :  An Unexpected Explosion Of The Dynamic Duo Blueberry And Raspberry

*Bursted Cherry*: Juicy Cherries That Will Burst Your Taste Buds

*Deeeewy*: A Delicious Citrus Blend With A Chill Smooth Finish

*Fire Bull*: A Dynamite Exposion Of A Citrusy Mint Fit For A Bull

*Frozen Rings*: A Delectable Icy Blend Of A Peach And Raspberry Chew

*Green Apple*: A Mind Blowing Crisp Green Apple Delight

*Grape Ice*: A Dynamic Chilled Savory Grape Flavor

*Mango*: A Subtle Yet Smooth Mango Muse

*Monsta Fuel*: Bring Out Your Inna Monsta With This Powerful Citrus Fuel

*Orange Guava Passion Fruit*: An Overwhelming Impressive Orange Guava Passion Fruit With An Orange Zest

*Pineapple Ice*: An Enthralling Tropical Fruit With An Exciting Pineapple Tang

*Raspberry Mint Lemon*: A Delectable Blend Of Lemon Mint With Raspberry To Satisfy Your Sweet And Sour Cravings

*Snow*: A Combination Of A Minty Inhale With An Icey Exhale

*Strawberry Banana*: Refreshing Strawberries With A Hint Of Bananas To Make The Perfect Smoothie

*Strawberry Mango*: A Sweet, Soft Strawberry Mix, With A Refreshing Mango Twist

*Strawberry Watermelon Ice*: An Icey Relish Of A Mouth Watering Combo With Watermelon And Strawberry
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