Nitecore F1 Battery Charger

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Nitecore F1 Battery Charger 

The Nitecore F1 FlexBank can store solar power, collected by solar panel, and charge USB devices as power bank.

FlexBank Outdoor Power:

  • Flexible outdoor power source with expand-ability.
  • Lightweight housing designed and strengthened for outdoor activities.
  • Up to 90% discharging efficiency.
  • Multi-meter feature to indicate battery voltage anytime. 
Power Management System Optimized for Outdoor Purposes - adaptable with various input sources such as a USB adapter and solar panel, capable of storing power in batteries for use of other electronic devices, capable of charging or powering USB devices directly.

The finger-size F1 is made of high strength, light weight Polycarbonate material. Its structural engineering is purposely redesigned for extra ruggedness to ensure ultimate safety in your dynamic outdoor expedition.