WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Milkman Salt - Pudding 40mg 30mL

Milkman Salt - Pudding 40mg 30mLOne part pudding, one part vanilla, one part lemon. All parts creamy..

Milkman Salt - Strudelhaus 40mg 30mL

Milkman Salt - Strudelhaus 40mg 30mLThe ripest and sweetest blueberries on earth at the heart of a d..

Milkman Salt - Sweet Mint 40mg 30mL

Milkman Salt - Sweet Mint 40mg 30mLA cooling and refreshing spearmint gum. The bold and cooling sens..

Milkman Salt - Milkman 40mg 30mL

Milkman Salt - Milkman 40mg 30mLStrawberry Strudel Toaster Pastry + Vanilla Ice CreamThis flavor is ..

Milkman Salt - Crumbleberry 40mg 30mL

Milkman Salt - Crumbleberry 40mg 30mLRaspberries embedded in the heart of a pie topped with whipped ..

Milkman Salt - Churrios 40mg 30mL

Milkman Salt - Churrios 40mg 30mLThe deliciousness that only a churro can deliver when it is mixed w..

Milkman Salt - Gold 40mg 30mL

Milkman Salt - Gold 40mg 30mLThe combination of perfectly aged tobacco here is accompanied by a bala..