WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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MI-SALT- Menthol 30mL Out Of Stock

MI-SALT- Menthol 30mL

MI-SALT- Menthol 30mLMenthol is Smooth and fresh premium menthol with a kick.Available in 20mg &..

MI-SALT- Tobacco 30mL

MI-SALT- Tobacco 30mLBold Tobacco taste with undertones of maple.Available in 20mg & 40mg nicoti..

MI-SALT- Pomelo 30mL

MI-SALT- Pomelo 30mLPomelo Honeydew with an ambrosial mix of melons.Available in 20mg & 40mg nic..

MI-SALT- Currant 30mL Out Of Stock

MI-SALT- Currant 30mL

MI-SALT- Currant 30mLCurrant is a blackcurrant with a Hint of Sweet.Available in 20mg & 40mg nic..

MI-SALT- Grape 30mL

MI-SALT- Grape 30mLMi-Salt Grape is Grape with a Hint of Green Apple on Exhale.Available in 20mg &am..

MI-SALT- Mango 30mL Out Of Stock

MI-SALT- Mango 30mL

MI-SALT- Mango 30mLMi-Salt Mango is a Ripe Juicy Mango followed by a sweetness of Lychee.Available i..