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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bad Drip / Clown Circus Salts

Bad Drip / Clown Circus Salts

Bad Drip / Clown Circus Salts

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Bad Salts - Bad Apple 30mL

Bad Salts - Bad Apple 30mLAPPLES&APPLES&APPLES&APPLESAvailable in 25mg & 45mg nicoti..

Bad Salts - Ugly Butter 30mL

Bad Salts - Ugly Butter 30mLThey doN’T caLL iT ugLy for noThing… Uncle FreDDy’s famOus, fancy F..

Bad Salts - Farleys Gnarly Sauce 30mL

Bad Salts - Farleys Gnarly Sauce 30mLBased oFF tHe reciPe oLder than BoB RosS’s painTbrush, we piLE-..

Bad Salts - Cereal Trip 30mL

Bad Salts - Cereal Trip 30mLCoNceiveD frOm the TEar dROps of crying CLoWNs is your Daddy’s faVOriTE&..

Bad Salts - Dont Care Bear 30mL

Bad Salts - Dont Care Bear 30mLGreaT GOoey gLObs OF GLUEY, gloppY, GUMMY GUTS, mutilatED meloN Meat,..

Bad Salts - Bad Blood 30mL

Bad Salts - Bad Blood 30mLFrom the RV, to BAD DRiP LaBS…We coOked up tHis crysTaL BLUEBERRY&nbs..

Clown Circus Salts - Sweet Tooth 30mL

Clown Circus Salts - Sweet Tooth 30mLThE RiNGMasTer's aDDiCTion…ciRcus sPUN COTTON CANDY f..

Clown Circus Salts - Pennywise 30mL

Clown Circus Salts - Pennywise 30mLStOMped STRAWBERRY CLOWN sNouTS, tWiSTed wiTH pULveriZe..

Clown Circus Salts - Laffy 30mL

Clown Circus Salts - Laffy 30mLALL jOkes asiDE...sTiCKy, iCKy, sTringy,  BLUEBERRY TAFFY&n..

Clown Circus Salts - Drooly 30mL

Clown Circus Salts - Drooly 30mLGiLLy waGOn siLLy sLoBBered GOBSTOPPERS, cHomped, chEWed, and D..